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What oil do I need?

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Have you ever had your oil light come on and wondered what oil you need to get to top it up? Most of us don’t have a clue about what oil our cars need, but choosing the right oil can make a big impact on fuel efficiency, reduce wear and tear and help your car run as clean as possible. So not only making your car last longer but also saving you money!

So now we know how important oil is in your car now we need to know what is the right oil for my car, well to quote the late, great Steve Jobs there’s an app for that! Mobil have kindly gone out and done the hard work of finding the best oil for your car and put it all together in a user friendly app called Mobil Netlube.

Netlube is so clever all you have to do is choose your vehicle type, your manufacturer and then the model of your car and you can find out what is the best oil for your car, but not just cars, the Mobil Netlube app will let you know the right lubricant for motorbikes, trucks, lawn mowers, tractors, boats, even heavy machinery – it’s your one stop shop for your oil and lubricant needs.

It’s free, and it’s so simple to use even a child could use it! (or should I say even an adult could use it!) find the links below to download them in the Apple app store or Google play.

Mobil NetLube    Mobil Netlube