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Environmentally Safe Oil Change

What is an ESOC Machine?

ESOC stands for Environmentally Safe Oil Change, the machines utilise a system that purges used oil, coolant and fuel faster than any gravity drain method, while removing the risk of spills. It uses less man hours to get the job done faster.

How does it work?

It is a simple 6 step process:

  1. Connect the ESOC Machine to the oil filter via the inlet fitting and to the oil pan via the low profile drain fitting.
  2. Program the ESOC Machine by following the prompts or press 'Start'.
  3. The ESOC Machine will force air through the system to purging the waste oil from the passages and emptying the oil filter.
  4. This process will stop automatically once finished, it is then safe to remove the oil filter.
  5. Once oil filters are replaced, press 'Start' on the machine to being the oil filling process.
  6. New oil is now forced through the system under pressure, lubricating the engine again.

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